About the car

The car is based on a 1969 Camaro,  having a full cds tube chassis space frame construction and fitted with a full  fibre glass body. The car has been tagged to 7.5 and tech inspected in early 2010. The normally aspirated 900hp of the car is produced from a World Products BBC 540 cubic inch motor running on VP Racing fuel Q16. The engine was built by Kenny Coleman of Engine Data Analysis and was tested on his dyno

Car lanuching at Easter Thunderball 2010 – Super Comp

The transmissision is a bullet proof Andy Frost, Penn Auto’s Transmissions,  British built 2 speed denenbear power glide capable of handling upto 1500hp, which was supplied with a matched Neil Chance bolt together torque convertor.

Following the inital build of the car it was booked in and taken to Andy Robinson Race Cars (ARRC) for base-lining (see below pic),  Andy Robinson made a number of  recommedations to impove the chassis performance. Andy has also supplied the majority of critical components which includes the engine imported directly from the USA, manufacturing of a new chrome moly propshaft fitted with 1350 Mark Williams uj’s, also supplying Radio Electronics radio sets for driver to crew. Andy also undertook cosmetic chassis work which included  manufacturing a fantastic set of of door hinges, including aluminium door cards with the chevy motif rolled into them with centre mounted door realease handles. Fitting of the front Camaro SS grill, which was far from straight forward, fabricating an aluminium undertray – which has caught the odd drop or two of oil and water and kept me going rounds.

Below: Car at Andy Robinson Race Cars being base-lined

The rear axel is a custom built strenghtened Ford 9″ fitted with a big bearing Mark Williams 3rd member using Pro 4:59 gears and 33 spline strange shafts. Double adjustable coilovers. The car is fitted with Wilwood disc brakes all round including a brake bias valve adjustment. Aluminium Rear wing and Stroud parachute.

The majority of the up-dates were undertaken by Mark Ramplee of Electromec Services in Southampton. This work included from the ground up rebuild. The car was originally built  for a small block chevy engine. A list of Mark’s up-dates are below:

Electromec Services List of up-dates 2009/10:

Orginally built for a Small Block Chevy and now modified to accept Big Block Chevy; Fitting tubes to allow for a front mounted fuel cell; Brackets for front mounted catch cans and fuel filtet; Reposition tubes to create a  flat cockpit driver’s floor; Manufacture new parachute mounting; up-dated chassis to meet SFI 7.5 tag, Design a new dash to accept all gauges, Made new removable electrical panel; Design and manufacture rear wing, Designed chute mount, Made quick release radiator mounting; Completely Re-wired car using quick realease connectors, Fitted electric fire system; Fabricated custom built headers; New fibre glass bonnet; Fibre glass exhaust lower wings; Full back to bear metal chassis re-spray; New twin battery trays, Rear oil cooler and lines, the list goes on and on.

Below: Picture of Mark Rample – Hard at work making the headers

Once the car was finished mechanically and electrically, it was time for painting. We wanted the race car to be different to anythink else on the track, so we called in the expertise of Justin and Colin  Kustom Kolours of Christchurch, following much discussion we decided to paint the car Orange and to create the final  look top Airbrush experts Jo and Mark of Airgraffti were brought in to give the car it’s indvidual look, creating the tribal flame look.

Below: Race car in primer at Kustom Kolours, Christchurch, Dorset