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Published News Item Eurodragster 21st September 2011

Paul Spiers, Super Comp racer would like to say a MASSIVE thank-you to Cindy Andrews and family, UK Top Fuel Team F&A racing for there help, support and encouragement following my crash at the Pro Test day, Pre Euro Finals.

We spent 262 hours preparing, setting and checking the car prior to the test day, but all to no avail. On our first launch, and for the first time ever the wheels spun severely which meant the car did not hook up, but went in a straight line smoking the back tyres, and then at about 200 feet one wheel got some traction and the car veered hard right into the wall, causing damage to the fibre-glass body, chassis and front suspension.

So, with our 2011 Euro Finals over before in began, we placed the car on the trailer and made the decision to stay and watch.

This is when, by chance, I was stood outside by my race car when I heard a passing comment by a member of the F&A racing team (you know who you are) who said “ it’s a shame the car crashed” I then started talking to him and said that “it was my car” a conversation took place for some time talking about drag racing in general, and he explained that his son also crashed his car at Shakespeare County (Avon Park) some years ago, so he knew what I was going through, He passed me some money towards the re-build which was gracefully received, then out of the blue he said “I have a 69 Camaro fibre-glass body, and if it helps you can have it, I’m not sure where it is, but if it’s still there you are welcome to have it if it helps. I could not keep my emotion in, and the tears welled up in my eyes, and I’m definitely not normally an emotional person. Can you imagine the surprise! He told me that he was going to build the car, but now all efforts are focused on the Top Fuel dragster, and he thinks he would never get round to building it. I asked a little bit about the body, and it seemed that it could/maybe the sister car to mine, out of the same mould. If this was the case, I think some people would call it “fate”. I would just have to wait and see.

A person I have never met before, offers a complete 69 Camaro body, no catch, no money, no publicity……..I was almost waiting for somebody to jump out and say “gotcha” but no, just a really genuine person wanting to help a fellow drag racer get back on the track, there are not many people I have ever met with generosity and a big heart like that. We exchanged e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers and I hoped that the body was still there. Where ever that maybe.

My wife (sue) and I were also invited to the F&A racing / Team West-Tec hospitality enclosure for the rest of the meeting. We were made very welcome as if we were part of the team and family; it had such a great positive atmosphere.

On returning home on the Monday afternoon, I rang Mark O’halloran, who originally built the car including the fibre glass body. I asked Mark, if he knew of another body, he said that he built 5 bodies, 1 was sold into Ireland, 2 were sold into Europe, 1 was his race car and there is another body somewhere, but location unknown. I thought that this maybe the lost Camaro body.

A few days go past, then on Friday 16th September, less than a week later my phone rings, Cindy says, Paul we have found the 69 Camaro body, I took some doing, we could not remember which farm it was left at for storage, anyway I’ve paid the farmer for looking after it, so you can collect whenever you want, even this weekend. This is the address where the Camaro body is, a farm in Sherbourne which happened only to be 1 hour from Bournemouth. I was now so excited, I rang my crew chief Clive Allen and told him the great news. Off we went Saturday morning, pulling the trailer to collect a replacement body. When we arrived at the farm, there it was, behind a truck, weeds growing through it. From a distance I thought it looked like a Firebird, but when we got closer it was definitely a 69 Camaro and on closer inspection the body looked very similar to mine, especially some of the body bumper moulding. The car had some stickers on it Full Circle Racing with a phone number, I Google the 01803 code, Torquay, that’s where Mark lives; I wonder if this is the lost 69 Camaro? I rang Mark and said” Mark was your company called “Full Circle Racing, he said Yes, I stood in front of the lost body you built, and mark also could not believe my luck. With that we pick up and loaded the body on to the trailer, and we were back home by lunch time – so it was not a dream.

To the UK Top Fuel Team, F&A racing, Cindy Andrews, Driver Chris Andrews, Fi Andrews and all other team members “I thank-you” from the bottom of my heart

This to me proves that Drag Racing is not only a sport but a

Published news item on Eurodragster 16th March 2011

Saved from a tight spot.
16th March: UK Super Comp racer Paul Spiers has been in touch to say a big Thank You to Andy Robinson Race Carsfor the fantastic turnaround of his Team Wikid-Racing ’69 Camaro.

“I contacted Andy a few weeks ago and asked if it would be possible to install and plumb in the new Aeromotive fuel system, and to reposition the alternator”,says Paul. “The problem for Andy was a lack of suitable space in the engine bay to mount the fuel pump and filter system. Andy worked his magic and squeezed everything in neatly still giving access if needed for service. Andy also supplied some ultra light-weight BMRS hoses for the water and fuel systems.

“Andy was up against it, especially as the car was only delivered on Monday evening and had to be collected on Wednesday afternoon. Once again thanks ARRC.”

Pictures of Andy’s handiwork can be found on the Wikid Racing web site at Paul would also like to thank his 2011 sponsors LA Racing Parts, VP Racing Fuels, Stevenage Sheet Metal, Andy Frost of Penn Autos, Stone Spiral, Ellesco Ltd, Kustom Kolors, and Kenny Coleman of Engine Data Analysis.


Published news item on Eurodragster 29 February 2011

Gary Byatt, owner of Stevenage Sheet Metal (SSM) is proud to announce that they will be the principle sponsor of Super Comp Team “Wikid-Racing” during the 2011 season.

Gary Byatt, Owner of Stevenage Sheet Metal said “I meet John Paul towards the end of 2009 when he visited my company in Letchworth. It soon became apparent that we were both very interested in motor sport in all forms. Over the past couple of years we have developed a business relationship which resulted in the purchase of a top of the range Timesavers/Grindingmaster de-burring and graining machine from John Paul to complement my Trump Lasers and newly purchased Trump punching machine. We offer an expert sheet metal sub-contact service from our 14,500 square feet premises in Letchworth and pride ourselves in providing a quality service at competitive prices which is backed up by quick delivery. We always strive to exceed our customer expectations. Because John Paul is so passionate about his Drag Racing, I decided to sponsor him for the 2011 season; I also sponsor other motor racing teams from circuit racing to endurance events. I am looking forward to working with John Paul over the next 12 months.

John Paul would like to extend his personal thanks to Gary for his support and sponsorship for the forthcoming racing season of the Stevenage Sheet Metal backed Super Comp 69 Camaro. Without the financial support of Gary, I would have found it very difficult to race my car this year. Gary has turned out to be a true friend and his help is very much appreciated. We look forward to welcoming Gary, Michelle and Owen at the track. Without the support of people like Gary, Drag racing would not progress and develop.  

If your business requires a professional sub-contract sheet metal service please visit: or Tel: 01462 674794, Gary would be happy to help.

Published news item on Eurodragster 17 Janurary 2011

Lee Child of LA Racing Parts Tel 01803 554308 and VP Fuels UK are proud to announce the support of Paul Spiers in his Super Comp 69 Camaro for the 2011 season.

Lee Child will be supplying Paul Spiers with VP Racing Fuel Q16 a top quality fuel with a 5% oxygen content which increases power and gives better consistently. LA Racing Parts will also supplying quality race parts to maintain his car during the 2011 season.

Paul will be displaying the VP Fuels decal and LA Racing decal on his car. If any “racer” or “racer to-be” would like information on the services that I can provide from a customer prospective, Paul Spiers would be happy to answer questions at the track.

Paul said “I have known Lee for a number of years now, and I have always found Lee to be very helpful in sourcing parts and very competitive on price and also providing a quick delivery service. I am looking forward to building on our working relationship during the coming months. LA Racing parts will be supplying all parts to upgrade the car to make it competitive in Super Mod over the course of the year.

Lee added “ Paul has been very active on the promotional side of his race team and pushing the sport as a whole. I am really looking forward to working with him“.

New Team Member for 2011 season

Joining team “WiKiD Racing for the 2011 season is Clive Allen.

We first meet Clive during the 2009 season. We were not racing ourselves as the new car was under construction, so we were spectators and parked our RV behind the what was the barn. Our neighbour in the field happend to be Clive who was with a group of friends from Bournemouth on a boys weekend away. 

We again bumped into Clive the following year at Santa Pod whilst racing our 69 Camaro. Clive showed alot of interest in the the race car and told us that he had been a spectator for many years. We asked if he would like to get involved with our team for the 2011 season. We were in need of crew, especially somebody that was local to ourselves in Bournemouth. Clive did not commit straight away, but wanted to think about for a while, and said that he would pop round and have a chat with me when we are all back in Bournemouth.  I thought that this was a sign of somebody that was serious about joining our race team and serious about the commitment that would be required.

A couple of weeks later, following discussing the “in’s” and “out’s”  of what is required of a crew man, Clive decided to join WiKiD Racing.

Clive has already got stuck in by helping me to remove the engine and gearbox ready for to be taken to EDA for a dyno session.