About the driver

My name is John-Paul Spiers, aged 49, living in Bournemouth and happily married to Sue Spiers, an understanding wife and supporter of Drag Racing.

I have been racing for 9 years in the UK National Drag Racing Championships. I am currently employed by Ellesco Ltd, Chrischurch, Dorset.

I am a time served engineer, and have worked all over Europe and World repairing CNC Machine tools. I moved in Machine Sales about 15 years ago as this seemed to be a natural progression within my industry.

Before I became Drag Racer I was and still am a avid spectator of Drag Racing. The first time I ever saw Drag Racing was when we lived in Canada, my father took me and my brother to a race meeting when I was only about 4 to 5 years of age,I also have the photo’s to prove it.

My second encounter was a weekend away at Santa Pod with my Brother-in-law Steve Wareham in 1988, I was immediately hooked with the shear noise and power of these amazing racing cars. We attended most national and international meeting, and I always said when sitting on the bank watching with a beer in hand “one of these days, i will race, you wait and see”

The opportunity and dream came true in 2002 when I purchased Jack Brewster’s ex Just Mustard race car, Jack had built himself a new full cds tube chassis car.

I asked Jack if he would make a list of parts that I would need, engine, gearbox, MSD, torque convertor, gauges etc etc. I placed an order with Andy Robinson of ARRC and a few weeks later all of the parts arrived. My new 540ci BBC from World Products, all of my MSD ignition, boxes and boxes of stuff. Where do you start with all of these parts, Jack agreed before I purchased his car to build this car for me, and I would assist (passing spanners) as I did not have enough knowledge at this time to build a car. A number of weeks later and many many hours the car was ready for it’s first outing and my first ever time on the track as a driver taking my observed lience runs in th Ex “Just Mustard” 78 Camaro previously owned by Jack Brewster. The race car was a back-halved car, so it had a four-link suspension set-up at the back and mostly a stock front end with the exception of some extra tubes and mid and front motor plates to give some increased strength. I had not even been to a RYYB meeting, or test day. I just jumped in the car and with some words of instruction from Jack and Nick, which was, press this button for the line-lock, press this button for the trans-break and last of all “nail it mate” thats it, more instruction would only confuse you mate, and bye the way, avoid the crash barries!! So here i was ready for my 3 observed runs.

The first being a burn out and launch, 2nd being a burn out, launch and 60 foot ( which ended up being a half pass and finally and full pass. My first pass was 16 seconds, which to me at the time seemed really fast, I was on and off the throttle for the whole 1/4 mile. Licence gained – I felt like a champion, with the biggest grin ever. We celebrated with a few drinks that evening with wife Sue, Nick & Val Griffin, Jack Brewster and Brother in law, Steve Wareham. We all had a real sense of achievement, not because I drove, but a real team sprit because of all of the hard work put into the car by Jack and Nick, preparing the car for my first time at the track as a driver/racer.