Meet the Team

Team Members Include:

John Paul Spiers, Driver and joint owner of  “WiKiD Racing”

Suzan Spiers, very understanding wife and joint owner of  WiKiD Racing

Max Croot – Current European record holder racing his Snowmobile, Wikid Racing PR man.

Mitchell Brake - Team Mecahnic. Mitch is currenty training to be a motor technician at a local garage in Christchurch, Dorset that specializes in the service and repair of Audi and VW cars

Mick Mitchell- Mick helps with all aspects of setting up the chassis tune of the car up to startline duties. Evening duties also include “Team Security Officer”

Clive Allen – New team member for 2011 season, very enthusiastic and wanting to learn and get involved with all aspects car set-up and running. Has been an Drag race fan and spectator for many years

Zoe Spiers, Daughter and avid drag race fan

Sean CooperSean has been with the team for a number of years, general duties and ”Team Medic”

Angie Solis – Angie has also been with our team for a number of years and is known as the “Team cook and cabin crew”

Danielle Long - Danny become a drag fan a couple of yearsago, she likes the racing as well as the party nights. Danny has now been elected entertainment officer for the 2011 season